What's it like working with us?

 Reach out and share what problems you are having or what you are looking to learn with your horse.

From there, we will determine and propose a training regimen. This might be an afternoon of trailer training or it might be a series of sessions together. We can work with the horse and owner or work directly with the horse for the majority of the sessions. We do, however, like to incorporate some training with the owner or rider to ensure everyone is aligned and can help the horse retain the training.

Common requests include:

  • Learning your horse's communication clues
  • Safety on the ground with your horse
  • Trailer training
  • Troubleshooting behavior issues

Training Prices:

$80 for a one-hour session

$150 for a two-hour session

Packages of four sessions receive 15% off.

Packages of eight sessions receive 20% off.

Packages of 16 or more sessions receive 25% off.

Lesson Packages:

Four one hour lessons: $272

Eight one hour lessons: $512

Sixteen one hour lessons: $960

Recommended Packages:

Package A: Tune-Up: Four two-hour sessions held once a week for four consecutive weeks. This is a great option for owners who want to practice and deepen the training and learning in between sessions. ($512)

Package B: Strong Foundation: Eight one-hour sessions held twice a week for four consecutive weeks. The greater frequency of this approach will have a greater impact, especially if the owner has limited time to practice. ($512)

Package C: Starting / Restarting: Sixteen one-hour sessions in total. Four sessions a week for four consecutive weeks. This is the perfect package if you want the trainer(s) to start or re-start a horse from the ground up, correcting more deeply ingrained issues or teaching new concepts. Note that saddle work will only happen once a solid groundwork foundation has been established, which can take up to six weeks. ($960)